Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exchanging Gifts With Co-Workers!!

When the Holiday Spirit hits the office, and the office party is planned,many people can really hit the panic button when it comes to giving a gift to a co-worker or a boss! Here are some helpful tips. Make sure you know what your company's policy is on gift giving. For instance are there spending limits. Find out if every one in your department gets a gift for everyone else,or maybe they draw names. Choose something tasteful.Consider buying a gift that might be used in the office such as: a photo frame, calendar or a nice pen set or coffee mug. Gourmet food items are also a good bet. Find out if any one has a food allergy before giving an eatable gift. Take time to wrap the gift in an attractive way-either in a gift bag or wrapped and a nice bow attached. Overspending is a no no. Also "Joke" or " Gag" gifts can offend. If you are re-gifting an item,make sure it is in good condition. Don't give anything that is of a personal nature-like a bottle of Perfume or an After Shave set. Also,it is best to stay clear of giving Alcoholic beveridges of any kind. Don't give flowers or cash- these may be misconstrued as having a hidden agenda or a "come on". If you are expected to give to everyone,do not leave anyone out. This can cause hard feelings, and in the workplace hard feelings can be difficult to over come!  Hope these tips are helpful! Remember, if you need any gift giving advice e-mail me at: giftbasketsforyou9@msn.com  Happy Gift Giving!!

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