Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gift Giving Etiquette!

Here are some tips on gift giving. Make sure you review your list every year. Sometimes relationships have changed! Don't feel obligated to match what other's spend.Stick to your budget. For workplace gifts,make sure to know your company's policies.Again, include that most important gift receipt! If you are going to give money to people ,such as your hair dresser or manicurist-the rule of thumb is to double the amount of the usual tip you give. If someone surprises you with a gift and you have no gift to give in return-simply thank the giver and honestly explain how surprised you were and appreciative,but that you don't have a gift in return. Then add the person to your list next year. Don't arrive at a Holiday gathering or party empty handed. Bring a bottle of wine or an edible gift that all can share. Thank you notes used to be only handwritten. Nowadays, e-mailing is an acceptable alternative. Times have changed. You still can send the handwritten Thank You notes if you wish. Re-gifting is very common these days. The re-gifted item should not be homemade or made especially for you. The item should be unused,in it's original packaging and have all the previous wrappings & tags removed. Don't re-gift to friends & family who have a habit of returning items. You just might be asked for that gift receipt-how embarrassing! Above all make sure the original giver and the new recipient will never cross paths!!  Hope these tips are helpful!!! Happy Gift Giving!!!

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