Monday, November 21, 2011

Shipping Your Gifts!! The easy or hard way?!!!

If you use an online retailer you can have the gift shipped directly to your recipient. Especially,during the Holidays it is very important to make sure you know the cut-off dates,so that your gift will arrive on time. For example, at my online store the cutoff  date is December 15th to guarantee delivery on time for Christmas! If it does not matter to you when the gift arrives,you can still order after the cutoff date. But, make sure you know what it is! Most online retailers have promotions going on. I am offering a 10% off everything in my store till November 30th. Make sure you use the promo code. Otherwise, the retailer will not give you the discount. Make sure you have the phone number for the retailer,in case your gift is lost or damaged. The retailer should replace your order free of charge. That is the beauty of online shopping,because the retailer will put in a claim with the shipping company and be refunded ,the retailer can replace the gift free of charge! Now,if you are buying a gift and shipping it yourself,here are some tips! Wrap the gift in gift wrap & put a name tag on it, who the gift is for. Take it to the Post Office or a UPS or FedEx store. You will have to pay for the shipping box and you should pay insurance on the value of the gift. Watch as the gift is placed in the box. Make sure it is bubble wrapped and has plenty of packing"peanuts"-those little styrofoam pieces. This will protect the gift. Make sure you get a receipt and a tracking number. The online retailer will e-mail you a tracking number once your gift has been shipped! So by now, you have been to the store,bought the gift,maybe paid extra for gift wrapping,drove to the shipping store,waited in line,watched them pack the gift,got your receipt and headed home EXHAUSTED!! Why not simplify your life and shop online and have the gift(s) shipped directly? The choice is yours!  If you would like to avoid this,go to my online store. You will find OVER 400 Gourmet & High Quality gifts for the HOLIDAYS & EVERY OCCASION!!  My store is open 24/7,365 at:   If you need any advice on what to purchase or have gifting questions you would like answered,just e-mail me at:
Happy Gift Giving!!

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