Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today there are so many ways to "wrap" a gift! Besides the tradtional gift wrap,gift bags that you can buy at a store,come with tissue paper & a tag are a great alternative.You can also put a gift in a hat box or a decorative box. In other words-think outside the wrap! This will make your gift very special,and could be used by your recipient for storage or display. There are also a lot of gift bags  that come in many different fabrics-Felt with Holiday decorations on them. Velvet gift bags in red,gold,silver or green make an elegant presentation for your gift and can be used later as Holiday Decor or hung on a Christmas Tree as an ornament. To find these items look in dollar stores and craft stores. This is where you will probably pay the least amount of money. If you do choose the wrapping paper,check to make sure how much is on the roll that you are buying.Also you will need a box,tissue paper & that all important tape!!! So, really make an impression with your gift presentation! Happy Gift Giving!!

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