Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stretch your imagination-not your money!

This year gift giving for the Holidays may be very difficult, if not nearly impossible for some people. If you use your imagination, you can still give a gift for everyone on your list by using your imagination & not your money. Print out your own gift certificates on Holiday themed printing paper and give them out to friends & family. Here are some ideas: babysitting, cooking dinner,cleaning house,running errands,picking up a child at school for a friend. Think of what very basic thing the person could really use help with and give it in the form of a gift certificate or gift coupon that you have printed out. Let's say you have a close relative with young children. Print up babysitting coupons,lets say 12. This way once a month, you can give a "break" by sitting  for the children. Just use your imagination and think basics-what could I give this person,in terms of my time and services that would be greatly appreciated as a gift. This will cost you only the paper you print the certificate/coupons on and your time. Not your money!! By the way, these gifts will be appreciated more than you can imagine, by the person you give them to!  Happy Gift Giving!

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