Saturday, December 3, 2011

What to get the "New Love" in your life?

So you met someone new recently and you may have only been dating for a month or so-or a few weeks. Things seem to be moving along. Now, here comes the big question-and it's not "What are you doing New Years Eve?" The question is what do I get this person for a holiday gift? Probably, the two of you need to have a conversation. Maybe you both decide that you will set a certain spending limit. This is advisable,especially in very new relationships. You may have to have a discusssion about certain likes & dislikes,food allergies,make the gift practical or more personal. Have this discussion. You don't want to give a gift that may make the other person feel uncomfortable,or indicate that from your viewpoint the relationship is moving much further along than the other person views it. Remember, open line of communication is the key to any good relationship! So, you might as well start now,and have that heart to heart talk about exchanging gifts between the two of you! By the way, if you are invited to a party hosted by your new love's parents or friends,please bring a host/hostess gift. Perhaps a bottle of wine or something edible that can be shared by everyone!  Happy Gift Giving!

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