Thursday, December 8, 2011

What To Give Each Other- The Long Term Relationship!

Whether you have been married for a long time or been with a significant other in a long term relationship, you begin to realize that giving a Holiday gift is not so easy anymore. Basically, you really have to become creative and think of new and interesting things to give each other. One thing my husband and I are doing this year, is seeing a show. That is our main gift to each other. I always give my husband jelly bellies and pistachios. I know he likes them, and I can get them from my online store. A  gift basket that may have something to do with  the person's hobbies,or sports. Maybe they are a Nascar Fan or a Motorcycle rider. Maybe the person is Diabetic or is watching their health. Maybe they are a Chocoholic or love spa bath gifts. Gift Certificates that are generic are also a good idea. This way, the person can purchase what they want. Gift Certificates to a Spa or even to a car wash(usually you can buy them in a book of 10 to 12 washes).You do get to a point in any long term relationship that you realize there is not much you need anymore. That's where you need to "think outside the typical Holiday Gift Giving Box"!  Happy Gift Giving!

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