Monday, January 23, 2012

Choosing a Valentine's Day Gift!

Before you decide to purchase a gift for your special someone for Valentine's Day, it might be good idea to take a realistic look at what stage is your relationship. Are you just dating,in a long term relationship or maybe married or living together? You just don't want to send the "wrong message" through the gift you give.Once you have defined what stage your relationship is in,then you are ready to shop! Don't buy flowers on plastic sheaths-these definetly send the message that you purchased them at a grocery store! Gag gifts can be fun-just don't go too far and cause embarassment on both your parts. Avoid practical gifts,after all  this is a day to celebrate your special relationship! Here are some tips. If the relationship is new or newer,why not send a Cookie Bouquet or a large Valentine's Fortune Cookie with a personalized message inside. For a long term relationship, consider something romantic-perhaps a gift basket filled with romantic treats! You can find these at Susan's La Bella Baskets: Right now till 2/3/12 the ENTIRE VALENTINE DAY CATAGORY is 10% OFF! Whatever or wherever you decide to buy, don't  procrastinate.You can always purchase now and have the gift delivered to your special someone, or have it delivered to yourself and deliver the gift in person!

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