Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The "Emergency" Gift Closet!!

Have you ever been really pressed for time or are suddenly handed a gift and have nothing to give in return? I have some tips for you on purchasing some "Emergency" gifts for what I call a gift closet. It really does not have to be a closet. A large plastic bin with a lid or a couple of empty drawers in a dresser can easily be used to "stash" away emergency gifts.Here are some ideas for what to collect. Candles, picture frames,small bud vases, silverplated coasters,stationaery or notecards,small photo albums,small crystal pieces.Now ,while the after Holiday sales are on, is a great time to pick up some bargains for you to have around  in your gift closet. You should not put anything perishable,such as food items or anything with an expiration date on it. Make sure you store everything in a cool,dry place. You can also put gifts in there to be re-gifted. Make sure that you have gift bags,or wrapping paper around. I find the best palce to get gift bags & wrapping paper is a dollar store. You sometimes can also find some gifts in a dollar store too. Little china trinket boxes,vases,statues,small photo albums.Just keep your eyes open, and when you think you have found something appropriate,don't hesitate,buy it because if you go back later someone else may have bought the item! By having these gifts put away for future gift giving,you will have built yourself a nice "Emergency Gift Closet"!

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  1. Hello Susan,
    Great post! I am a big fan of the "emergency gift" closet. We used to live in a small rural village, some distance from decent shops and I had to be prepared for those "spur of the moment" invitations.