Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you ever dreamed...

of having your own business? A business that you can do from home and is online? I did, when I found La Bella Baskets. I joined the company on November 1st,2010 and by January 26th,2011,I had made it to the top level in the company-Diamond Gift Director. The best part is that this is not an MLM and the costs are very low. There is a one week trial for only $1.97 and then the monthly fee is $19.95. You get a fully stocked and  maintained online store,free training & free marketng materials. There are no contracts to sign or quotas to meet! You are paid a commission & bonus. Your commissions increase with each level you attain and you get a one time bonus. There are six levels,Diamond is the top. You get paid two times a month.There are also free call in team meetings and a very extensive training site online that is loaded with ways to really make this business opportunity work for you. La Bella Baskets  is ideal for stay at home Moms, for retirees,part time or full time. Truly, it is for anyone who ever dreamed of having their own business! All you have to do is get people to go to your store and purchase! You don't even collect the money! I invite you to go to my online store and read all the information and also view what is currently for sale in the store. The URL is:  If you do sign up,make sure you put my name in as the person who referred you. My name is in the top right hand corner when you open up the URL to my store! Stop dreaming and start!!

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