Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Gifts for the Man in your life!

The last blog that I wrote, I was discussing some suggestions for men to give to the woman in their lives for Valentine's Day. Gals, today it's your turn! First of all,know what he likes and does not like. Let's say he is a Sports Fanatic! Plays sports,watches sports. Sports equipment,a subscription to a sports masgazine or paid sports TV channels,or tickets to a professional game,or tailgaiting supplies. You can find at my online store,a lot of sports related gift baskets & tailgating gifts. Let's say he likes to garden. There are some really great gardening baskets in my store and in the Valentine Catagory-the very first item is called"LOVE GARDEN'-a garden in a decoative Valentine's motif can! Maybe he enjoys cooking. You can find Barbecue,Grand Italian, Breakfast & a  ROMANTIC DINNER FOR TWO baskets.Let's say he rides a motorcycle or is a Nascar Fan. I have just the unique gift for him right in my store.If he loves coffee or tea,or chocolate or even if he has been"under the weather"not feeling so well with what ever is going around, you will find it in my online store. Remember, to make your Valentine's gift not only appropriate to his likes,but where you are in your relationship. Just started dating,dating a long time,engaged or married! Just make it appropriate! You can find all of the gifts at Susan's La Bella Baskets at:http://www.mylabellabaskets,com/susans.html The store is open 24/7,365! So go explore the store and happy gift giving!!

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