Sunday, January 29, 2012

What NOT to buy your girlfriend!

For many guys, buying a gift for their girlfriend for a birthday,holiday or a special occasion can really bring on the anxiety attacks. Well, here is what you should not buy her! Definetly avoid items designed for cooking,cleaning or everday chores. Giving a gift of this sort isn't very romantic. Afterall, she is your girlfriend-make it romantic! Avoid those Kiosk tables in the aisles of department stores that have the boxed jewelry and the perfume sets. It will give your girlfriend the impression that you really did not give much thought to what to give her,and that you bought the first thing you spotted. On the otherhand, don't buy  something so expensive that if things suddenly do not work out,your stuck with a large credit card bill! Now, we all know that you want a big screen TV, but does she? You want the fancy new barbecue,but is that what she wants or what you want? Remember, this is a gift for her-it's not abot what you want.Avoid a gift suggesting she needs room for improvement. There is a big difference between a gift certificate for a  makeover and a one to a spa! Exercise equipment,or a self-improvement book is really not going to go over very well either. It implies that you are not happy with her just the way she is. Buying clothing is another no-no.Women spend hours picking out clothes and trying them on to make sure they fit. If you buy the wrong size-either too big or too small,you will lose either way.  Don't wait till the last minute to make your purchase. If you need suggestions,don't be afraid to ask her friends or even family members what she likes.If you get desparate and decide to give her a gift card,make it a generic one and insert it inside a romantic greeting card appropriate for the occasion.I hope these tips are helpful. Keep in mind that you can find gifts for your girlfriend at Susan's La Bella Baskets at

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