Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here's To Your Health!

Your health is very precious! Nowadays, everyone seems to be much more "Health Consceious" than ever! After gorging ourselves yesterday on Chocolate for Valentine's Day,it just seemed approriate for me to blog today about the unique,affordable and healthy snack care packages,gift baskets,fruit baskets that you can find at my online store,Susan's La Bella Baskets. Even  chocolate,dark chocolate in particular, can be good for you eaten in moderation.The problem is, I am sure many of us were not very moderate with the chocolate yesterday! I personally feel that calorie awareness is important. That is exactly what you will find in the healthy fruit,nut, snack care packages & gift baskets at Susan's La Bella Baskets! I don't like to feel "denied" and I don't feel many of us like that feeling either. So if you are looking for something to treat yourself or a loved one that is healthy,remember to go to Susan's La Bella Baskets at:  So Here's To Your Health!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Susan's La Bella Baskets: What Does A Flower Mean?

Susan's La Bella Baskets: What Does A Flower Mean?: We have all heard the expression: A rose is a rose! But, what is behind the meaning of a flower,what does it represent? Well, I did some res...

What Does A Flower Mean?

We have all heard the expression: A rose is a rose! But, what is behind the meaning of a flower,what does it represent? Well, I did some reserach and found out and I wanted to share it with you!  Aster: Talisman of Love. Red Carnation: Admiration. Red Chrysanthemum: I love you. Daffodil: Rebirth,New Beginnings. Forget me Not: True Love. Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty.Yellow Jasmine: Modesty. Pansy: Thoughtful Recollection. Lavender Rose: Love at first Sight. Peach Rose: Apprreciation. Begonia: A Fanciful Nature. White Carnation: Purity & Luck. White Chrysanthemum: Truth. Daisy: Innocence, Gentleness. Globe Amaranth: Unfading Love. White Jasmine: Amiability. Larkspur: An Open Heart. Primrose: Young Love. Orange Rose: Desire & Fascination. Pink Rose: Grace & Elegance.Red Rose: Love & Romance. Yellow Rose:Friendship. Rosebud: Beauty & Youth. Tulip: Perfect Love. Violet: Modesty & Simplicity. White Rose: Charm & Innocence. White & Red Roses: Unity. Tuberose: Dangerous Pleasure. Verbena: May you get your wish. Just a little flower power trivia! Remember: Everday is a Gift,so enjoy the Present!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dating Anniversary Gifts

The Wedding Anniversary list for gift giving is very well known,but what about couples who are dating? It is common for dating couples to exchange gifts on a monthly,yearly anniversary of when they first met or had their first date. Here are a few tips. At one month,candy & sweets,dinner at a favorite retaurant,a plush animal,or a t-shirt or a cap that is related to a mutual interest. Three months: A CD ,DVD or a book,concert tickets or maybe a magazine subscription. At six months: a trendy watch or thoughtful piece of jewelry that is not too expensive. A perfume or Cologne gift. At one year: Do something fun. Make a scrapbbook of your first year together.Year two: Personalized items,fine jewelry and gifts that have a more intimate expression. :Year three: Travel together. Year Four: Start a hobby together. Now,if you are still  dating five years or more,it is time to put "a ring on it". By now you should really know if this is Ms. or Mr. Right,and if the answer is no,it is time to move on! February is the month when LOVE is in the air! As always, would love for you to explore my online store at:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Would you like to win a Gift Basket?

La Bella Baskets, has been giving away a Gift Basket,up to a $100 value,every month since September 2011. Would you like to have a chance to be the next winner? All you have to do is go to my online store at:  http://  Pick out  the basket you would like if you win. Write down the name of the basket! Then e-mail me your full name,e-mail and a contact phone number.You will not be called unless you win! I will enter your information. You must enter every month. The names are not held over. Here is a list of the names of the winners so far: For September: Madi Karg  For October: Christopher Hamer  For November: Collen Busch  For December: Audrey Thomas For January: Dawn Welch. La Bella Baskets is using an outside company that randomly draws the winner by entry number. So, if you would like to win it, you have to be in it!! My e-mail is:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Susan's La Bella Baskets: Beautiful Gifts for Beautiful Causes!

Susan's La Bella Baskets: Beautiful Gifts for Beautiful Causes!: Today, I wanted to let everyone know about the wonderful things La Bella Baskets & Susan's La Bella Baskets does. Every time a purchase is ...

Beautiful Gifts for Beautiful Causes!

Today, I wanted  to let everyone know about the wonderful things La Bella Baskets & Susan's La Bella Baskets does. Every time a purchase is made from Susan's La Bella Baskets, a portion goes to a cause that La Bella Baskets does every month! Every month, The Beautiful Woman Spa Basket is sent out to single mother's who are struggling.How does La Bella Baskets get the names,addresses and a brief description of their circumstances? By people such as yourself e-mailing me the information and I submit it for consideration. My e-mail is: giftbasketsforyou9@  The Spa basket that is sent can be found in my store,under gifts for women,sub-catagory is spa & bath. It is the Beautiful Woman Spa Basket. You can look at it at:  Something that I am personally doing is some online fundraising for my Kiwanis Club. I am donating 10% of my commissions  on each order made by a memeber using a special FUNDRAISER CODE at checkout. This money goes into the general fund of our club. Kiwanis supports children's causes. So,indirectly my donation goes to help children through Kiwanis and my store Susan's La Bella Baskets. I am also donating 10% of my commissions to a local chapter of JDRF(Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). JDRF has a special Fundraiser code that is used at checkout! I am always willing to do this for any non-profit or school.So, if you happen to know of any organization that would like to participate,have them use the e-mail above and I will set them  up with an ongoing fundraiser from my store!! I also want everyone to know that La Bella Baskets this year donated to the Salvation Army to help feed the needy Holiday meals! Last, year the major charity chosen was The Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure of Breast Cancer! I am so proud to be part of an organiztion "that gives back",and I am proud that I am personally doing this through Susan's La Bella Baskets! There is a saying that we make a living by what we get,we make a life by what we give!!