Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dating Anniversary Gifts

The Wedding Anniversary list for gift giving is very well known,but what about couples who are dating? It is common for dating couples to exchange gifts on a monthly,yearly anniversary of when they first met or had their first date. Here are a few tips. At one month,candy & sweets,dinner at a favorite retaurant,a plush animal,or a t-shirt or a cap that is related to a mutual interest. Three months: A CD ,DVD or a book,concert tickets or maybe a magazine subscription. At six months: a trendy watch or thoughtful piece of jewelry that is not too expensive. A perfume or Cologne gift. At one year: Do something fun. Make a scrapbbook of your first year together.Year two: Personalized items,fine jewelry and gifts that have a more intimate expression. :Year three: Travel together. Year Four: Start a hobby together. Now,if you are still  dating five years or more,it is time to put "a ring on it". By now you should really know if this is Ms. or Mr. Right,and if the answer is no,it is time to move on! February is the month when LOVE is in the air! As always, would love for you to explore my online store at:

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