Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Does A Flower Mean?

We have all heard the expression: A rose is a rose! But, what is behind the meaning of a flower,what does it represent? Well, I did some reserach and found out and I wanted to share it with you!  Aster: Talisman of Love. Red Carnation: Admiration. Red Chrysanthemum: I love you. Daffodil: Rebirth,New Beginnings. Forget me Not: True Love. Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty.Yellow Jasmine: Modesty. Pansy: Thoughtful Recollection. Lavender Rose: Love at first Sight. Peach Rose: Apprreciation. Begonia: A Fanciful Nature. White Carnation: Purity & Luck. White Chrysanthemum: Truth. Daisy: Innocence, Gentleness. Globe Amaranth: Unfading Love. White Jasmine: Amiability. Larkspur: An Open Heart. Primrose: Young Love. Orange Rose: Desire & Fascination. Pink Rose: Grace & Elegance.Red Rose: Love & Romance. Yellow Rose:Friendship. Rosebud: Beauty & Youth. Tulip: Perfect Love. Violet: Modesty & Simplicity. White Rose: Charm & Innocence. White & Red Roses: Unity. Tuberose: Dangerous Pleasure. Verbena: May you get your wish. Just a little flower power trivia! Remember: Everday is a Gift,so enjoy the Present!

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  1. Love all of the flower meanings!!!
    Roses are so beautiful!