Thursday, March 15, 2012

History of St. Patrick's Day

We all know that this holiday is signified by the color green! The food, the drink,the Shamrock. Green is worn in rememberance of Ireland. St. Patrick is honored as the savior of Ireland. A relgious man, he spoke to the Irish people of a better life and freedom from bondage. He used the Shamrock to explain the Trinity-the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Irish honor St.Patrick for their freedom. Celebration of the holiday came to America in 1737, and was first celebrated in Boston. The Irish Troops serving in the Bristish Military started the celebration. It was a show of patriotism and was where the very first St.Patrick's Day  Parade was held in what later bceame the United States of America. Actually, the celebration of St. Patrick's Day has spread worldwide. St. Patrick himself was the perfect example of a gift giver. He was constantly giving randoms ascts of kindness to strangers and never accepted anything in return! A true gift giver!!! Some of the ways  the holiday is celebrated here in the US are: Chicago, Indianapolis & San Antonio dye their main canals green. Savannah,Georgia dyes all it's city fountains green. Many cities,including New York,paint the parade route in green. The traditonal food for the holiday is the corned beef,cabbage & potato. The traditional drink is beer dyed green. The Irish Soda Bread is also popular fare for St. Patrick's Day! This is just a little bit of the tradtions and history of this holiday! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
My next blog entries are going to be about Brides,Grooms and getting ready for the Wedding. The "Wedding Season" is just around the corner!