Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lots of Holidays & Occasions coming up in the next few months!

Well, here it is past the middle of April and over the next couple of months there are a lot of Holidays & Occasions coming up! Next week is Adminstrative Assistant Week from 4/23-4/27. It is a week to show appreciation to the person who helps run an office or business smoothly. Most bosses take the Admin. out to lunch.This person probably deserves a bit more! A nice bouquet of flowers or a thank you gift basket would be a nice extra touch! Mother's Day is May 13th. It's less than a month away! A lot of Moms will say not to get them anything. A nice brunch or dinner out is a must! There are some very affordable gift baskets that would be suitable to her likes and would be appreciated! Father's Day is June 17th. There are a lot of gifts for men that would be suitable. Graduations, Weddings and even religious occasions also occur between now and the end of June! This can become overwhelming,especially on the pocketbook. If you know that these occasions are coming up,why not buy when you see a suitable gift on sale and have it held by the store until you need it. Not many stores offer this type of service. My online store,Susan's La Bella Baskets store does! When you check out,there is a delivery comment field,it's just below the gift message box. You can buy now and save 10% till April 30th and have your items delivered close to the occasion! Just go to the store at: http://www.mylabellabaskets.com/susans.html