Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween is 22 days away!

Hard  to believe that Halloween is 22 days away! The children are getting excited about what costume they are going to where and how much candy they will get Trick or Treating! There are some safety tips that I would like to share with you. Please make sure an adult accompanies young children. Also,check the candy before you let your child eat it. Make sure that the costume fits properly-not to long or they might trip and fall down. Also,make sure that they can see out of a mask! A glow stick is something every trick or treater should be carrying with them on Halloween night! Not only will it help the child see,but it will also help people driving cars see them! As far as older children-make sure they Trick or Treat in a group and they stick together! There is always safety in numbers! Leave your outdoor lights on so the Trick or Treater's can see a clear path to your door. Make sure your outdoor decorations are not in the way-you don't want anyone having an accident on your property! Please if you are an adult attending a Halloween party,and you have been drinking,have someone drive you home or call a cab! Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween!  Susan's La Bella Baskets: http://www.mylabellabaskets.com/susans.html

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